Sega announces major restructuring ahead of 2020

Sega has announced that it will absorb Sega Interactive into  Sega Corporation, effectively closing the studio in its current state in order to strengthen the company’s “competitiveness in global markets.” The developer’s arcade division, which was founded in 2015, is set to be absorbed into Sega Games Co., Ltd, which will then be renamed Sega Corporation. This reverses the company’s previous reorganization in 2015, which saw Sega Corporation being transformed into Sega Group.

Sega Interactive was in charge of the company’s arcade division, with it now set to be absorbed into Sega Games Co. Ltd on April 1, 2020. Sega Holdings Co., Ltd will also become Sega Group Corporation as part of these changes.

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The announcement was made in a notice of the merger (via ResetEra), published after a board meeting held on December 24, 2019. The notice outlines how the company will progress in 2020.

sega interactive chrono regalia

Sega Interactive developed the arcade title Chrono Regalia.

“In order to increase the presence of the Company Group and realize further growth, we decided to reorganize the Company Group because of the necessity of integrating the two major business companies of the Company Group, SGC and SIC, in order to make reallocation of the domestic R & D resources of the Company Group more flexibly than ever before, thereby strengthening our competitiveness in global markets,” the notice reads.

“Going forward, we will work to further expand sales of existing titles in overseas markets and actively develop global titles originating from domestic R & D. At the same time, we will promote the creation of synergies among group through derivative development of IP that leverages the integrated strengths of the Company Group.”

The company added that the impact of the restructuring on its current fiscal year is “minimal,” and that there will be “no issuance of new shares, increases in capital stock or payments for merger grants” as a result of the changes.