Destiny 2 Will Be the First Third-Party Game to Be Exclusively Host on Blizzard’s Desktop App

For the first time in history, Blizzard will host a third-party game on its platform.

The game is Destiny 2, and it's one of the biggest releases of 2017. Coinciding with a high profile reveal event, Blizzard announced today that it will partner with Activision to bring the PC version of its upcoming game exclusively to the Blizzard Desktop App.

Reception has been mixed, with some PC gamers expressing that they're okay with the move due to Blizzard's recent moves to add new features to the software. However, an equal if not greater number of people are upset that the game won't be host on Steam, where their primary game library location, and a large quantity of other Activision published games have been made available during recent years.

Once called, the Blizzard Desktop App recently underwent a name change. This move might be surprising, but it will likely not be the last.