Castlevania TV Series Gets First Ever Teaser Trailer, Earns Praise from Fans

As announced this February the Castlevania series is being adapted for an upcoming TV series that will be exclusive to Netflix. Today, it has released its first ever teaser trailer offering insight into what fans can expect.

After a brief call-out to the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the trailer shows several major characters in a variety of interactions, ranging from a sword battle to a vampire raising from a coffin, and even the presence of powerful magic. Cathedral-style music is overlayed beautifully, making the brief introduction one for fans to remember. One character's voice acting is even given a formal debut during the mid and end section.

The trailer's response from gamers and Castlevania fans in the video comments and on social media has been largely positive, much of which praises it for staying true to the franchise.

The trailer also confirmed the show's launch date of July 7th.

Earlier this year we interviewed the producer of the show, Adi Shankar, who says that he believes it will be the "best fu**ing videogame adaptation to date".