Sony Accidentally Posts Backer-Exclusive Tom Savini Jason Friday the 13th Skin for Sale on PSN

People who backed Friday the 13th: The Game to a certain tier on Kickstarter or those who pre-ordered the asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game via their Backerkit were granted access to a seventh playable Jason Voorhees designed by Friday the 13th makeup artist Tom Savini. The Tom Savini Jason has his own unique set of stats, a pitchfork, and a cool, hellfire-like look.

But, this was definitely exclusive, and developers at Gun Media stated repeatedly that it would never be available for sale in the future. In a statement on Steam, one developer quite plainly stated “This team stands firm that for those of you who missed out; sorry. You missed out. Our backers believed. They funded. They supported,” continuing with “I am sorry for those that want it now, but you missed out. We did everything we could to ensure that the word got out through our channels, press and otherwise, but the answer remains the same; we will not sell [the Tom Savini Jason skin].”

So, you can imagine the shock when, after an update for the PS4 version of Friday the 13th: The Game, the Tom Savini Jason skin was available for purchase on the PlayStation Store for $5.99. In case the link gets taken down, here is a screenshot of the store page:


But, this isn’t a complete about-face from Gun Media. According to Tweets from the official Friday the 13th: The Game Twitter account, this was a tragic mistake that they are working on fixing. PS4 players who pre-ordered or backed the game haven’t been able to access their rightful Tom Savini Jason codes. It seems Sony may have gotten confused when trying to activate these codes after the patch.

“Sony accidentally put the [Tom Savini Jason] up for sale,” Gun Media tweeted. “We contacted them as soon as we found out and they are pulling it.” They later added “Settings were made and confirmed that it was not to be displayed in-store. We are investigating why this was not the case” and “This was never supposed to occur.”

The Tom Savini Jason is still available for purchase in the PlayStation Store as of publishing this article. This error was not repeated on any other platform.