GTA Online: Gunrunning Gets Release Date for Its Major Additions

Rockstar has revealed that GTA Online: Gunrunning will be released on June 13th, arriving in the middle of E3 week.

The paid DLC has an emphasis on illegal weapon trade, with the introduction of new vehicles and assorted mobile weaponry that can be used in free-roam as well as specialized missions.

Gunrunning has been described as the following by Rockstar:

“Fortify a subterranean bunker, decimate your enemies in a Mobile Operations Center, wreak havoc in a new fleet of Weaponized Vehicles, and make your mark on the SA arms trade. “

We recently described the package as being the single biggest DLC to ever arrive to GTA Online, a significant feat given the success of Special Vehicle Circuit and Heists.

The official trailer can be seen below:

For more information visit the official Rockstar blog.