EA Reveals New Co-Op Only Game Called A Way Out

EA has announced a brand new IP called A Way Out, a co-op multiplayer game by Hazelight Studios.

In the game, two players will work together in an emotional adventure that begins in a federal prison, where protagonist duo Leo and Vincent are being held. During the journey both characters will engage in shootouts, stealth their way through buildings, and regularly rely on one another to be successful.

The big selling feature is co-op, so much so that it will be required in order to play. Though, it can be enjoyed locally or online, so there is some flexibility.

Its first gameplay debut can be seen below:

The core team behind A Way Out was responsible for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a critically acclaimed title that similarly sought to create new gameplay experiences.

A Way Out is being developed for PC, PS4, and Xbox One with a target release of early 2018.