WarioWare: Get it Together revealed, adds new co-op micro-games

WarioWare: Get it Together is the long-awaited next game in the madcap micro-game collection series. This time around, players will take direct control of Wario and co. to complete tons of trippy tasks. Fans got a glimpse of several featured mini-games, along with the all-new simultaneous co-op play during Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct presentation.

Full WarioWare: Get it Together games list (so far)

WarioWare Get it Together games list

Here’s every micro-game in WarioWare: Get it Together on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite:

WarioWare: Get it Together solo micro-games list

  • Squeeze toothpaste onto the toothbrush
  • Peel the facemask off
  • Dodge the bird poop
  • Keep flies away from the birthday cake
  • Hit the “?” block in Super Mario Bros. World 1-1
  •  Unplug the sink
  • Spin the windmill
  • Knock apples from the tree
  • Tweeze the statue’s armpit hair
  • Dispell the dog’s nightmares

WarioWare: Get it Together co-op micro-games list

  • Trigger the party popper
  • Power the handcar along the track
  • Balance the ice cream on the cone
  • Rock the crying baby
  • Don’t get bit by the huge teeth

It isn’t yet clear if some WarioWare Nintendo Switch micro-games will be playable both solo and cooperatively. Regardless, the WarioWare: Get it Together games list already has a lot to keep players busy. Thankfully, the list of mini-games appears just as random and nonsensical as ever; quickfire confusion is what the series is all about, after all!

The WarioWare: Get it Together release date is September 10, 2021. It’ll be available to pre-order later today, possibly at a price of $50. A recent Nintendo fan survey asked players if they’d be interested in a new WarioWare game at that price point.

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