In Just 4 Years, the Xbox One Has Gone from $499 to $199

Microsoft has announced that starting tomorrow, the Xbox One S will be available at retailers for $199. Though bundles with games packaged in will likely remain at $249, this price point gives Microsoft a huge edge in the marketplace.

This move not only means that Microsoft has cemented its console as the most affordable of all current-gen consoles, but also makes the Xbox One S by far the most competent and affordable 4K blu-ray player on the market.

The Xbox One originally released in November 2013 with a $499 price tag. Outside of the inclusion of a Kinect camera, virtually all hardware has remained the same as it’s dropped in price $300 over four years.

This early announcement suggest that Microsoft’s Project Scorpio reveal tomorrow will take front and center stage, and could possibly be priced at $399, which would be a huge accomplishment.