Days Gone Gameplay Shows Intense Melee Combat, Forest Exploration, and Zombies

During its E3 press event today, Sony showed off some of SIE Bend’s latest Days Gone gameplay footage. The footage shown touched on everything from high-stakes melee combat encounters to exploration of some of the game’s lush forest environments. Also on display was a look into bits of the game’s plot and narrative, culminating with an incoming attack from a particularly ferocious grizzly bear.

Days Gone pitches itself as survival horror, and as such the music and pacing of the Days Gone experience elicits the style of unsettling, pervasive fear one might expect. You can check out the footage shown from the game below.

The press event footage doesn’t exactly shed new light on Days Gone or when we can expect it, but at the very least there’s new SIE Bend material to delve into until we learn more. Highlights from the footage include an unsettling zombie outbreak and a violent run-in between two characters, so see the footage for yourself to take it all in.