New Days Gone gameplay hits YouTube, showcasing zombie traps and more

New Days Gone gameplay shows off the various ways you can take down enemies within the upcoming PS4 exclusive. The clips feature main character Deacon dealing with human enemies as well as the game’s version of zombies, “Freakers.” Another clip focusing on story reveals Deacon’s first encounter with a character named Lisa.

A video shows off the value of traps and explosives within the game. The clip shows the player carefully and tactically placing devices outside of a cave. The player then enters to attract a large horde of Freakers before sprinting away towards the traps. Footage of flying amputated Freaker limbs then commences. The player doesn’t quite make it away without firing a shot, but the amount of Freakers dispatched by the explosives shows their importance for dealing with the hordes of enemies in the game.

Another new Days Gone gameplay clip showcases the variety of combat options within Days Gone. When Deacon warns the player “not a lot of ammo left,” molotovs become an important tool before Deacon dispatches the final few Freakers with a baseball bat and a knife.

The latest story footage, a segment of Days Gone‘s six hours of campaign cutscenes, shows Deacon’s meeting with a character called Lisa. We immediately see Lisa has had an extremely tough time trusting Deacon.

Along with the new gameplay clips, the localization staff for Days Gone took part in a Q&A. Localization Producer Kei Urano and Localization Specialist Tateyama answered a host of mission-related questions. In response to a question about the number of main missions versus side missions, Urano was reluctant to give numbers on each but did state “you can play for more than 100 hours total.” Urano added, “it is possible to advance the main storyline without clearing all of the side missions.” (Do note that these comments were translated from their original language, and so could have some inaccuracies.)

Days Gone is slated to be released on the PlayStation 4 on April 26.

[via Famitsu]