In Super Mario Odyssey’s E3 Trailer Mario Rides Dinosaurs with a Sombrero

It was known in advance that Super Mario Odyssey would hold a substantial slot in Nintendo’s E3 presence, and today its Spotlight presentation confirmed that with a new trailer. Lest you mistake it for monster hunter, the enormous T-rex shown is actually possessed by Mario and his magical new hat. Nope, we’re not kidding.

The new trailer is below, showcasing a wealth of gameplay and scenarios from the upcoming 3D platformer. Mario also dons a sombrero, playing on the game’s hat theme in a fashion that I can 100% get behind.

As expected the game looks lovely, its trailer giving a look into wide-open environments and strangely real-life inspired city locales. The game is still set to release on Switch during October of this year, and we’ll be hands-on from the show floor at E3 as soon as we possibly can. For more E3 2017 coverage, check out all of our coverage.