You Can Watch 4-Minutes From Spider-Man: Homecoming on Your PS4

I know everyone is looking forward to Insomniac’s PS4-exclusive Spider-Man, but if you want some other Spider-Man media to tide you over, PS4 again has the solution. Announced just today, you can watch a 4-minute clip from the upcoming movie Spider-Man: Homecoming exclusively on your PS4.

Since the clip is titled “A Film by Peter Parker,” it’s unclear whether or not this is a clip from the actual runtime of the feature film, or if it is an extra clip akin to a bonus feature on a Blu-Ray.

Either way this is a huge win for Sony. Of course, Sony owns the Spider-Man IP, so you would expect exclusivity in these types of deals, but it’s still a leg up on the competition. When you factor in that Marvel movies typically have much wider appeal that video games, this is a big win indeed.