Watch: Alternate Playthrough of E3 Demo for Days Gone

Days Gone, Sony’s upcoming survival horror/action adventure title set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world, had a strong showing at E3. While it wasn’t playable, its E3 demo shown on stage played well with audiences and intrigued many critics wondering what life could still be mined out of the tried-and-true genre.

The Days Gone demo shown on stage back at E3, though, was different than the one the press got to see behind closed doors. While the behind-closed-doors demo still wasn’t playable, it did offer a much different perspective on how you can traverse areas and handle encounters. Watch below:

The demo does show impressive gameplay variety, similar to that even of The Last of Us. As we pointed out in our preview, though, some of this may be a bit artificial. In this playthrough, the player tricks a marauder to step in a bear trap, leading one of his comrades to shoot him to silence his screams. But, in the original demo shown on stage, you heard a gunshot that the developers revealed to be from a marauder stepping on a bear trap and getting shot by his comrades.

Days Gone doesn’t have a release date or even a release window at this point, but will be coming exclusively to PS4 once it finally does hit the shelves.