Activision Addresses Crash Bandicoot Issues, Teases Big News at San Diego Comic Con

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy was the prototype of what you want out of a nostalgia remake. Built from the ground up, the N. Sane Trilogy featured completely redone graphics en route to becoming one of the most successful remakes in the last decade.

That said, many players have noticed a few issues with the N. Sane Trilogy – Crash fell faster, or didn’t interact with platforms well, and of course the steep difficulty curve. Activision took one step in the right direction today, addressing each of those issues. That said, beyond paying lip service, there don’t appear to be any changes or patches imminent to actually affect these issues.

Evidently, the N. Sane Trilogy used Crash Bandicoot: Warped as a starting point for the remakes, which explains why Crash now falls more quickly than he did in the original two games, and the engine for the trilogy is different, which explains why certain jumps “require more precision.”

But, Activision did not mention any changes for these, with this post serving more as a series of explanations. “Our goal for the Trilogy was to reduce any points of frustration while preserving the challenge of the originals, and we feel we’ve done that,” Activision wrote.

They did, however, tease a big announcement coming at San Diego Comic Con, saying “There will be some news that you won’t want to miss!” This could be any number of things, but, while many people are hoping for a brand new Crash game in the style of the originals, it’s more likely that an announcement of the game coming to a different platform will be imminent, as we already know that the N. Sane Trilogy is a timed PS4 exclusive.