Layers of Fear Follow-Up ‘Observer’ Gets Release Date, New Trailer

You may remember Layers of Fear, a surrealist survival horror game from last year that put you in the shoes of a psychotic painter terrifyingly remembering how he got to where he is. The game, developed by Bloober Team was right at home in a post-P.T. world, giving you a helpless protagonist in an increasingly creepy house where the only threat is a ghostly woman in a tattered dress who will kill you with an in-your-face jump scare if you get too close.

Well, Bloober Team is about to release their follow-up to Layers of Fear, Observer. After being announced last year, Observer now has a release date, and it’s coming up very soon on August 15, 2017. Observer takes place in 2084 and follows the protagonist Daniel Lazarski who is part of a law-enforcement unit that hacks people’s memories to solve crimes, but often brings him face-to-face with horrifying images.

While certainly not a sequel, Observer is Bloober Team picking up where they left off, with a survival horror title and psychological thrills aplenty. See the brand-new trailer below:

While we can’t speak for Observer, Layers of Fear offered up plenty of genuine thrills and scares with deviously designed set-pieces and haunting environments. While it was by no means perfect, it was certainly a worthwhile entry into the survival horror genre, and if Bloober Team can conjure up something similar in quality, they’ll have another success.

Observer will release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, in addition to the Linux and MAC operating systems.