Killing Floor 2 Coming to Xbox One and Xbox One X with Exclusive Content

Killing Floor 2‘s Summer Sideshow Event is about halfway done on the PS4, but it’s the Xbox One that’s about to rake in the Dosh. Tripwire Interactive announced today that Killing Floor 2 will be coming to the Xbox One on August 29, and, even more surprisingly, the Xbox One X when the console eventually launches.

To sweeten the deal, Tripwire will also be including a good haul of exclusive content. This includes a whole new outfit with five different color variants and a whole new weapon called the Freezethrower that comes with 8 different color variants. See how these look below:


Before you PS4 and PC players start grabbing your torches and pitchforks, it’s worth noting that this exclusivity is only for a limited time – though it doesn’t say how limited, I imagine we’re talking a matter of months to a year tops.

This is sure to raise Killing Floor 2‘s stock, as any title that launches with a new console is bound to get a big boost in sales while gamers deal with limited launch libraries. Killing Floor 2 experienced the same when it launched with PS4 Pro support.