For Honor Will Move to Dedicated Servers

Last week, For Honor developers at Ubisoft Montreal teased a big announcement for today’s Warrior’s Den Livestream, but what came exceeded anyone’s wildest dreams. For Honor will switch to dedicated servers on all platforms – PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can watch the initial announcement below:

There is no word on when exactly this migration will happen, the developers said it was way too soon to announce a date) but it will certainly be met with elation from the For Honor fan base, many of whom left as a result of a deadly cocktail of microtransactions and rampant server issues caused by peer-to-peer connectivity.

“After we launched the game, we discovered some new online challenges,” Game director Damien Kieken said. “It’s really a problem that came on strong after the launch.”

This is an astronomical change that may have overshadowed the other announcements in the Warrior’s Den Livestream, such as a road map for the next two seasons. You can see an outline of those changes below: