Night Trap Steam Page Goes Live, Pre-Purchase Available Soon

The 25th Anniversary Edition of the ever-controversial Night Trap is almost upon us. After learning the release date a few days ago, Screaming Villains has launched the game’s Steam Page ahead of its August 15th PC Launch. The game will also come to PS4 in a physical version on August 11th.

As of yet, the Steam Page does not have any option to pre-purchase the game, but developer Screaming Villains said that this functionality is on the way and will be available shortly. In addition, it does solidify the availability date of August 15th, saying the game will unlock in approximately 2 weeks.

Beyond that, the Steam Page reiterates the details that recently came to light about Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition: that it will contain an all-new Theater Mode that will let you watch all the story videos without any gameplay or other interruptions, and it will include an online mode called Survivor.

In case you’re completely out of the loop about Night Trap, the game originally released in 1992, during the height of the “video games cause violence” hullabaloo. The game puts the player in the role of a security guard tasked with helping a group of damsels from evil vampires by watching security cameras and activating various traps at the right moment to thwart their advances. Of course, all the talks about the video game in congress didn’t mention that the player is supposed to help the women, and it just focused on scenes where the player failed and light violence occured.

Shortly afterward, and with a little help from games like Doom and Mortal Kombat, Night Trap was one of the reasons cited for the creation of the ESRB. Now you’re up to speed, and you can head out to the Steam Page to check it out.