The Long Dark Movie Adaptation Announced

You may be familiar with The Long Dark, a Steam Early Access survival game that has sold more than a million copies since its debut on the platform in late 2014. Taking place in the cold, unforgiving mountains of the Canadian Wilderness, the player is tasked with surviving the elements, the threat of starvation and thirst, and the many predators that lurk around looking for flesh, including wolves and bears.

The game will launch tomorrow on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac and Linux, but the indie studio behind it, Hinterland Studio, is bullish enough of its prospects to announce an upcoming film adaptation. While the piece doesn’t have a release date, cast or directors at this point, The Long Dark film adaptation does have some notable pedigree: Jeremy Bolt, the producer of all six English-language Resident Evil movies.

As a proof-of-concept, of sorts, for what Hinterland wants The Long Dark to look like as a live-action film, the indie studio produced a 5-minute short film, described as a “visual poem.” You can watch this short film, called “Elegy,” below: