Give ‘Em The Old Salazzle-Dazzle With This Free Pokémon From GameStop

Nintendo is offering another free Pokémon in the form of Salazzle, the female evolution of the Pokémon Salandit. You can grab it for free by heading to any participating GameStop store starting August 14. Just grab the special code for the “battle-ready” Salazzle, which comes at a whopping level 50 for use in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

The Salazzle you get with your code will come with a one-use item called Focus Slash, which will let it endure past a one-hit knock-out attack. Once you use it successfully, however, it’s gone. Salazzle knows the following moves: Fake Out, Toxic, Sludge Bomb, and Flamethrower.

When you get your code, you’ll want to download her via Mystery Gift on the main title screen. Once you enter the code via Mystery Gift, the Pokémon will be delivered to any Pokémon Center in the game. You’ve got until September 4 to snap one up, so be quick about if you don’t want to miss out. These events are usually pretty simple to get several free codes with too, if your friend wants to send you on a Pokémon code gathering mission. Just be honest about who you’re sharing that extra code with and don’t put it up on eBay like a cretin.

As an aside, you wouldn’t believe the time I had looking for a decent image of Salazzle for this picture, by the way. I wouldn’t recommend Googling Salazzle if you can help it, either. There are things you’ll see that you’ll never be able to force out of your mind, so hopefully this is an initiative to also start getting real images of Salazzle out onto the internet instead of ones in diapers or looking like they’re about to get it on with another Pokémon. Seriously. Just don’t go looking for images if you want one of them. I warned you.