NBA 2K18 Will Be Digital Only for the Nintendo Switch at Launch

With the first quarter of the fiscal year wrapping up, we’re getting more and more info from the most prominent publishers. Today, its Take-Two Interactive’s turn, and while there is unfortunately no news on Red Dead Redemption 2, there is reason for disappointment about the upcoming NBA 2K18, specifically its release on Nintendo Switch.

In their quarterly report, Take-Two Interactive released a full schedule of games releasing in the next fiscal year, and the Nintendo Switch version, slated for release alongside almost every other platform imaginable on Sept. 19, 2017, was given a caveat: “digital.”

Further down the calendar, at an unspecified “Fall 2017” designation, was NBA 2K18 for the Switch with a physical edition. This has upset many gamers already who have a physical version pre-ordered and believed they were getting it along the same time as everyone else.


Of course, this means the delay will be no more than a couple of months, if not a lot sooner, but that is still enough to make Switch owners a little grumpy.