Pikachu Drops His Latest Mixtape With This Summer Jam

Forget 4:44. Forget Damn. Don’t even bring up Flower Boy. Pikachu is dropping the hottest mixtape of the summer, and this song proves it. Of course, it’s all in Japanese, and my limited translation skills afford me no real help here when it comes to figuring out what’s being sung here, but obviously it’s a Pikachu hype song.

Now, I’m no scholar when it comes to foreign languages, so I can’t translate this. But if it’s all about how awesome Pikachu is, I imagine it might be a little something like this:

Electric mouse with red cheek sacs

Do you have one, by chance?

Ash’s best friend and all of man’s

Do you have one, by chance?

Need to see his shocks, man

Have you seen them, by chance?

A yellow Poké with a cute tush

Are you plugged in, by chance?

Pika-pika-pika, please

We can defeat whoever

When his flash he’ll shock you like the devil

That light’s sure bright dude, he must have gained a level

He’s flexin’ like he’s been up in gyms forever

Beatin’ other types with his brain, man he sure is clever

…Or something to that effect. You’re entirely wrong if you think that song reads like a Rae Sremmurd hit. It’s about Pikachu.

Either way, check out this hot Pikachu rap in Japanese, and let’s hope we get some sort of Western equivalent or even a dub version just like that super catchy Slowpoke song we had a few months back. I’m still singing that in the shower.