Take-Two Confirms GTA Online Is More Popular Than Ever, Continues to Make Millions Per Month

When GTA Online launched four years ago, it was a mess. Server instability, rubber banding, and data loss was rampant for weeks following release. It appeared as though Rockstar Games’ first major attempt at open-world multiplayer was a dud.

Fast forward to today, GTA Online accounts for a significant portion of Take-Two Interactive’s revenue stream. In-fact, it’s continued to grow despite additional age, increasing its population and monetization opportunities.

During today’s earnings report, Take-Two Interactive reported that GTA Online‘s financial performance during Q1 of fiscal year 2018 “exceeded expectations”, resulting in its highest earnings of any quarter since launch. As a result, the company’s net sales for the three-month period increased 28% to $348.3 million.

Rockstar has continued to support GTA Online with regular updates, most of which are entirely free. For example, in June the Gunrunning Update proudly debuted as the most substantial addition to the game yet, having added new vehicles and missions for players to enjoy.

Rockstar Games is currently busy finishing development of Red Dead Redemption 2, a 100+ million dollar project that is anticipated to sell tens of millions of copies.