Conan Exiles Is Headed to Snowy Mountains in Its First Expansion, Titled ‘The Frozen North’

Since January 2017 Conan Exiles has sold over 500,000 copies, becoming a shining example of successful Early Access titles. As it moves toward release, it will debut the second stage of its timeline, introducing an expansion with a wealth of content.

Conan Exiles is slated to receive its first ever expansion in the form of The Frozen North, as announced today by Funcom. The package will include an all-new region that will add 70% to the total landmass, with new weather models and climate that will deviate drastically from the deserts that players are used to exploring in the game.

This attention to the world will be supported by new gameplay that includes cooking, brewing, and even religion. You’ll even be able to capture bees and lay fish traps for survival.

Several of these systems are shown off in the debut trailer, seen below:

The Frozen North is scheduled for a release on August 16th for PC and Xbox One. This will be followed up with an official release of Conan Exiles in Q1 2018.