Arkane Studios Pays Tribute to Dishonored Composer, Dead at Age 60

It’s been a mournful day in the video game industry, as it was announced that composer Daniel Licht, who produced and composed the score for Dishonored, Dishonored 2 and more has passed away at age 60 after a battle with cancer. According to Evolution Music Partners, Licht passed away just weeks after his conditions was discovered.

Those involved at Arkane Studios have been paying their respects via social media all morning, since the news has come to light. Dishonored 2 game director Harvey Smith, Dishonored co-director Raphael Colantonio, and the official Arkane Studios Twitter account, all had nothing but laudatory things to say:

Licht has also composed the scores for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Silent Hill: Downpour and Showtime’s hit show Dexter, among many other movies and TV shows. You can listen to the highly praised score for Dishonored 2 below.