Rainbow Six Siege Officially Crosses 20 Million Players

It’s been a long road for Rainbow Six Siege, but it’s finally crossed one of the most prestigious milestones in the world of competitive online multiplayer gaming: 20 million. Officially announced on Twitter today, Rainbow Six Siege has reached 20 million players.

Of course, the writing for this was on the walls. Last month, at Ubisoft’s quarterly financial earnings report, the company reported that Rainbow Six Siege would cross 20 million by the end of the month. It’s not clear if this happened at the end of July and just wasn’t reported until now, or if the official crossing of 20 million players was just a few days late, which can reasonably happen with any variable-rate prediction.

Regardless, this puts Rainbow Six Siege up there with several other huge titles, such as Rocket League (34 million), Battlefield 1 (21 million) and Overwatch (30 million). While the spread between these games is significant, they still make up a league of their own.

Rainbow Six Siege‘s player count is really the result of sustained efforts by Ubisoft to respond to player criticisms and feedback, while continually releasing new content updates for the game that drive community engagement. According to GitHyp, Rainbow Six Siege‘s concurrent player count has tripled since its release.