ReCore Could Be Returning With A Special ‘Definitive’ Edition Soon

ReCore wasn’t a game that was received well by most critics when it first released on Xbox One and PC. Perhaps a second run is what it needs to be appreciated by those who weren’t so enthused by it the first time around. Doubtful, but there’s no harm in trying. And there’s no harm in giving it a fair shake with a “Definitive Edition.” According to a rating by the Pan European Game Information review board (PEGI if you’re nasty), it seems a listing for a ReCore Definitive Edition on Xbox One and PC could be coming soon.

This hearkens back to a time where, when ReCore was released, there were rumblings of additional content coming down the line at some point. Perhaps that was before the critical ribbing the game received, as the new content still has yet to release. A ReCore Definitive Edition could mean said content (and possibly more than that) could be coming soon, if this rating board leak is to be believed. But tt’s been such a short time since the game made its debut last year, so it’s unclear what else exactly could be coming in this type of package.

Following a female protagonist named Joule Adams, ReCore followed Joule through her life as one of the world of Far Eden’s last human survivors on a planet overrun by robots. It combined platforming and role-playing elements to interesting effect at some points, but was overshadowed by technical glitches and frustrating segments sprinkled throughout. Perhaps some of these things will have been revised and fixed for any sort of Definitive Edition. It’ll be worth keeping an eye out to see if this actually happens, at any rate.