Layers of Fear Goes on a Huge Sale to Promote Observer

You may have seen a little bit about Observer, an upcoming survival horror game from Team Bloober, who made a splash in the indie scene last year releasing the surprisingly good Layers of Fear. Observer will release next week, on August 15, 2017, but Team Bloober want you to experience everything they have to offer.

To wit, they are putting Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition on a 75% off sale, decreasing its total price from $22.99 to $5.75. The Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition includes the base game and the story DLC expansion that takes place from the daughter’s perspective revisiting her traumatic childhood home. Watch the trailer below:

Observer appears to be a much different game, while still horror-focused. It has a mechanic where you invade someone’s mind to experience their past, showing a lot of sci-fi influences, which Layers of Fear, the story of a psychotic painter’s delusions, didn’t really dabble in.

Observer will release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac and Linux.