compLexity Quietly Cut Its Two Newest Players After Dota 2 International Qualifiers

In eSports, nothing is guaranteed, and nothing is forever. Success is fleeting and roster stability depends on it. It’s not uncommon for teams to make roster changes following disappointing performances at big tournaments – we just usually hear about it.

compLexity Gaming was one of those teams that didn’t have the best fortune at The International 2017. During the North American Qualifiers, they fell two games short of making it to the tournament, being eliminated before getting a chance at even the smallest portion of prize money.

During the second episode of ELEAGUE: Road to the International Dota 2 Championship, which documented compLexity’s failed run to the International, tensions ran high and fingers were pointed as to whose fault their poor results were. At the end of the documentary, on-screen text read “Days after failing to qualify for TI7, Complexity made some tough decisions and parted ways with DeMon and Feero.”


Oddly, enough, this roster change has yet to be publicly announced. Liquipedia, one of the most popular eSports wikis that is usually always up-to-date, still shows DeMon and Feero as active members on compLexity’s squad. compLexity Gaming’s official website never posted a news story announcing roster changes as they have done in the past and for their other eSports, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But, compLexity Gaming’s website does show their current Dota 2 roster, which no longer includes DeMon and Feero.

Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho, and Feras “Feero” Hroob had just joined compLexity Gaming in May, and while their departure might still have been expected, it’s unclear why there it was kept under relative wraps until now. We have reached out to compLexity players for further information, and we will update if we hear anything back.

Feero was one of the players most singled out, during the documentary, by his now-former teammate David “Moo” Hull. At least at the time, Moo put the blame for compLexity’s embarrassing loss against Digital Chaos squarely on Feero’s shoulders. Whether or not that was necessarily the case, Feero has now paid the price for it, as has DeMoN. DeMoN is one of Dota 2‘s journeymen, having appeared on 20 different teams since the start of Dota 2. No longer on compLexity, DeMoN will have to find his 21st in order to escape free agency.

the team that eliminated, but only after an enemy hero survived on 2 health before getting off the game-sealing ultimate ability. Two more damage, and that whole game might have gone way differently.

In terms of teams that have beat Chinese teams at this tournament, Virtus Pro might be the West’s last hope, as they are responsible for sending LGD down to the lower bracket in the first place, after a commanding 2-0 victory. But, Virtus Pro will have to get through Team Liquid first, and the winner of that match faces the winner of i.G vs LGD.


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