Life is Strange: Before the Storm Platinum Trophy Requires Deluxe Edition [Update]

Update: Square Enix has issued the following statement:

This was a mistake on our side and not our intention to gate the Platinum trophy via the optional Bonus Episode in the deluxe sku. We’ve already started speaking to the first parties about rectifying this.

Original Story: We’re just a couple weeks out from the release of Life is Strange: Before the Storm‘s first episode. Unlike most games its release will be episodic, including three chapters each with their own theme. In addition, there’s a special chapter exclusive to the Deluxe Edition, which is enough to invite some fans to pay a little extra.

Although this exclusive chapter is considered optional, the title’s platinum trophy on PS4 will require its completion.

The trophy list for Life is Strange: Before the Storm has released, and among its trophies is one called “Complete Farewell”. This trophy is awarded for completion of the Deluxe Edition chapter titled “Farewell”, and is required for the platinum trophy.

Some trophy hunters are already unhappy, but thankfully we’re two weeks out from launch, so this may be changed before the game goes live.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm preludes the events in the original Life is Strange. This time around Chloe Price is the star of the show, and the narrative will provide insight into the challenges she faced that led to her being emotionally withdrawn.

You can read our E3 2017 preview of the title here.

[Via: PSN Profiles]