Junkertown Map Officially Announced for Overwatch, New Cinematic Released

Everyone new Junkertown was coming, a brand new map for Overwatch, after an announcer voiceline was datamined stating “Welcome to Junkertown.” When Blizzard released its schedule for Gamescom, which included a showcase for a new map, the news was all but confirmed.

But today, as part of Blizzard’s Gamescom preview stream put on this morning, Blizzard officially confirmed the existence of the map, Junkertown. As many suggested, it is themed for Junkrat and Roadhog. Junkertown will be a payload map, but it doesn’t have a release date just yet. We will likely know more specifics as Gamescom goes on.

There was an additional cinematic released to tie-in with this new announcement, featuring Junkrat and Roadhog being kicked out of Junkertown with the goal of escorting an explosive payload to the Junkertwn Queen’s main hall to seek revenge. Junkrat main’s everywhere have even more reason to be joyous once the current Patch being tested on the PTR is released, which will buff Junkrat’s ultimate ability and give him an extra mine to use at any given time.

It turns out, though, that the new Overwatch Animated Short is separate from this mini-cinematic, and might be on entirely different subject matter, as they announced that they “also” have a new animated short premiering on Wednesday. So, the Overwatch news is not yet fully revealed at Gamescom.