Harley Quinn’s Role Could Change in the Next Episode of Batman: The Enemy Within

This September, it’s time to head back into Gotham City to start unraveling the mystery behind the mysterious John Doe. he second episode of Batman: The Enemy Within is poised to descend upon the city on September 26 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. With the latest episode, the second of five, we’ll finally be introduced to one character we knew had to be coming from the very beginning: Harley Quinn.

John Doe isn’t even the Joker yet, though obviously that’s where he’s headed, and now we’re going to be introduced to his circle of “friends.” Like Telltale mentioned before, the developer was going with a new vision of Batman and its beloved characters, so while Harley herself looks different enough here, the way she’ll interact with John Doe has yet to be seen. Telltale Games has stated that the power dynamic between Harley and John Doe should prove “intriguing.”

Hopefully this means Harley and the Joker will swap roles for a very interesting twist for fans of the series. Though I’m interested in seeing the same Harley and Joker I’m familiar with, changing things up just like the rest of the game has thus far would make for a less predictable and exciting episode that would likely force some interesting choices.

Keeping in mind that Telltale is working to frame Harley in a “new way,” I have to wonder what else they could mean by that, but we’ll have to wait until the next episode drops on September 26. Hopefully we’ll see some unexpected changes made to a duo of characters we’ve come to know very well over the years.