Mario, Luigi, and Samus Are Being Immortalized as Cars in Rocket League

Rocket League has been one of those games I’ve had my eye on for some time, but I’ve not yet taken the plunge to get into it. I own it, but I’ve been waiting for some big push to get me to try it. The Rick and Morty items that were previously made available were cool enough, but I needed something more to make me part of the Rocket League faithful. I’ve found that thing in the form of the new Nintendo-themed car skins coming to the game, namely Mario, Luigi, and Samus.

Yes, some of the most beloved Nintendo characters are being given their own cars in Rocket League, with special wraps and gorgeous new looks that reflect each character. Mario and Luigi have very recognizable “clothing-like” looks that reflect their owners’ red and green overalls, but the Samus-inspired car really stands out.


Samus’s Gunship car is a striking mix of metallic coloring and glowing wheels, an awesome homage to Metroid with varying colors for each different Rocket League team you can choose to play with. The aesthetic changes for the cars isn’t where the customization options stop, either. Each car has special boost trails with Super Stars for Mario and Luigi and a Wave Beam for Samus’ Gunship. You can also dress up your cars even further with hats for each car. I can’t even take that. It’s too cute.

Rocket League for Nintendo Switch will allow for cross-play with Xbox One and Steam, and even though I already have it on two different platforms, honestly the entire Mario-themed car thing has pushed me to want to purchase the game on Switch as well, especially since I can play with others despite having chosen the Switch edition. I’m already a big fan of Overwatch’s Lucioball, and this just seems like the next logical step for me, because I love customization, Nintendo, and carnage. I think it’s high time I start playing Rocket League with the exclusive Nintendo cars with the Switch version this fall.