Watch: Outlast 2 Villains Were Inspired by this Creepy Video

Anyone even tangentially aware of the Outlast series know that its games are filled with some seriously twisted content. Whether its the dubious claim to fame of being the first game to depict necrophilia, or its continued obsession with male genital mutilation, Outlast games are not for the feint of heart or sensitive of stomach.

But even just their villains are often times emotionally scarring to behold, and that was certainly the case with Outlast 2 and the Heretics. Being one of two enemy factions in Outlast 2, the Heretics were a cave-dwelling cult who believed that the protagonist’s wife, who inexplicably became pregnant, would birth the antichrist and bring about the end times, something the heretics welcomed with open arms. They also looked freaky as all get out, as you can see in the header image. That said, the material that inspired these may be even more disturbing.

Red Barrels revealed via Twitter that they took inspiration from one particular artists’ strange video. You can watch that below:

It’s hard to even describe what this is beyond “performance art,” but it is nice to see the developers crediting an artist with whom they did not contract. This wasn’t the case with Mass Effect Andromeda, when EA used a lipstick design suspiciously similar to one you could find just by Googling “cool lip designs” in their game without so much as crediting the artist behind that particular design.

We are all still waiting on potential story DLC for Outlast 2, although developer Red Barrels have given no indication of its existence. However, the original Outlast had a DLC expansion titled Whistleblower, and it would seem that a few loose ends could be tied up or further explored with DLC to Outlast 2, and the fans certainly demand it. We’ll have to see.