Stardew Valley Meets Harry Potter in Chucklefish’s New Wizardry School RPG

Stardew Valley developers Chucklefish Games have unveiled a brand new project, which will see them teaming the RPG elements of the farming game with the witchcraft and wizardry of Harry Potter.

The upcoming game, which is tentatively being referred to as Spellbound, is “an RPG/Sim set in a magic school, something like Stardew Valley meets Harry Potter,” Chucklefish Games CEO Finn “Tiyuri” Brice revealed in a statement to PC Gamer. Chucklefish were responsible for the publishing of Stardew Valley, along with providing development support to it post-release. They have recently been busy with working on the game’s upcoming multiplayer patch, set to debut later this year, along with a turn-based strategy that they have described as a mixture between Advance Wars and Fire Emblem.

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While followers of the studio are eager to get their hands on the as-yet-untitled strategy game, this Harry Potter-esque wizardry school sim has understandably got a lot of people talking. While details regarding the game are slim, we do know that it will feature classes that players will be tasked with attending, a day and night cycle and, yes, dating. While players will no doubt be assuming the role of students, meaning marriage is likely off the cards, it does mean that they’ll be able to embark upon a Ron / Hermione romance.

Chucklefish debuted an “art style demonstration” of the game, which appears very similar to the 16-bit style of Stardew Valley, albeit with more vivid colors and a threw more “bits” thrown in there for good measure. It also features a witch character called Adria, and was published alongside the message: “Personally, I’m spellbound.”

Chucklefish also revealed the below GIF, titled “Spellbound library,” showing more of the game in motion:


Chucklefish have noted that the game is currently in very early stages of development, with no formal announcement due for a while. Hopefully we’ll receive some more information about it in the coming weeks while we ready our wands.