Take to the Skies With GTA Online’s New Smuggler’s Run Update

GTA Online just welcomed a brand new update in the form of Smuggler’s Run, announced last week and rolling out with plenty of new content for players to devour over the holiday weekend. The massive expansion is the latest for the online game mode, and it packs quite a punch, serving up a heaping helping of airplanes and everything that goes along with them.

Of course, that’s not all there is to play with, as the expansion is called Smuggler’s Run, after all. You can make several new customizable hangars yours, running smuggling operations out of your hulking new properties. They can play home to workshops, living areas, a Cuban 800 plan, and a show floor where you can let the world know what kind of aircrafts you’re rocking. There’s plenty for you to collect with the update, too. There were seven new aircrafts added to the game for you to customize to your liking, changing up the weapons each carry, how they handle, and what they look like, of course. That’s what the hangars are for, after all.

If planes aren’t really your thing, the Grotti Vision and Vapid Retinue are up for grabs as well, in addition to a new vehicle-themed Adversary mode that finds teams parachuting into an ever-shrinking location and destroying each other’s cars. Think Destruction Derbies for the grimiest customers you’ll ever find wandering the streets in GTA Online.

If it sounds like a party (perfect for Labor Day weekend, perhaps) then every time you log through now and September 4, you’ll get three free T-shirts to customize your character with as well as a 25% discount off of several vehicles like the BF Raptor and Karin Technical, as well as several others. And if it’s RP you’re after, you’ll want to take place in the Premium Race, which is Gauntlet, and you can only use Super-class vehicles. Time Trial in the form of Casino is available as well, both of which pay out fantastic dividends for participating and completing a certain prerequisite.

Smuggler’s Run is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One right now.