The First 10 Minutes of Footage from the Secret of Mana Remake Looks Promising

The classic Square Enix role-playing game Secret of Mana is being reborn on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC worldwide next year on February 15. It’s getting a snappy new look with enhanced 3D graphics, a reorchestrated soundtrack, and even recorded voice dialogue to help bring the new vision of the game to life.

During a broadcast from PAX West 2017, 10 minutes of footage was shown off to audiences hungry to see what’s changed from the game since its humble debut years ago. You can see the hefty new chunk of gameplay from PAX below, which looks promising, despite the fact that you can’t really hear a whole lot of what’s going on over all of the panelists’ talking.

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At a glance, the game at the very least retains its colorful graphics, though I vastly prefer the sprite stylings of the original game over 3D models. However, it’s just as sprightly and striking as ever with smooth movements and readable text. The localization from what I can tell is decent, but you can’t really hear the voiceovers very well in the gameplay video, which could honestly end up making or breaking the game if it goes in a sour direction.

If you’re looking forward to trying out the new version of Secret of Mana, there’s always time to go back to the Super Nintendo and experience the original game. The Mana series can be understandably confusing, of course, so make sure you play specifically Secret of Mana if you want to get a feel for what the new game is like.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the new remake isn’t something fans of the classic game want to blow off and ignore in the meantime, though for now it’s looking pretty good.