Final Fantasy VII Celebrates its 20th Birthday Today

20 years ago, a star was born in North America. That star was Final Fantasy VII, a then revolutionary Japanese role-playing game that wowed gamers everywhere with its unbelievable 3D graphics on the original PlayStation.

The game would go on to sell more than 11 million units and counting worldwide, as Final Fantasy VII was brought to many systems including the PSX, PS3, PS4, PSP, Vita, PC, iOS, and Android.

The tale of Cloud, Aerith, and the gang as they go on a massive adventure to defeat the ultimate villain Sephiroth and his parasitic, unhealthily-obsessed mother Jenova was grand. The story was emotional and unlike anything seen before 1997, the combat made fresh twists on the classic active time battle system, and the characters were unforgettable.

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So much so that it has a complete remake coming – so Square Enix says – that is being developed from the ground up for the PS4 in episodic nature. Though we haven’t heard or seen much from it lately, the first episode of the more action-oriented Final Fantasy VII is still supposedly scheduled to arrive sometime in 2018.


It is no doubt that Final Fantasy VII made a mark on the industry in an unrivaled way. Though the Final Fantasy series now has 15 core games, it was the first to really spawn a whole series within a series featuring remakes, TV shows, mobile games, a prequel, semi-sequels, and even a full length animated film.

It even made a mark on myself personally, despite my very late introduction to it in 2011. In fact, this game pushed me to write a love letter to it back in 2012 in honor of its 15th anniversary, which you can check out here.

Whether you love it or hate it, there is no doubt that Final Fantasy VII will remain one of the most remembered video games in history. What are your favorite memories from the game? The hilarious cross-dressing, the Gold Saucer, the infamous death, or something else? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to tell Cloud happy birthday today.