Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s TV Trailers are Hilarious

Middle-earth: Shadow of War has a couple of new TV trailers that masterfully convey the game’s Nemesis system, along with being pretty darn funny to boot.

Much like the first Middle-earth game, Shadow of War features a Nemesis system that sees enemies remembering a player’s actions. Though this system is much more robust this time around, with players able to use it to gain intelligence on the strengths and weaknesses of their enemies along with learning details about their armies, it will still allow the player to wage a war with the various Ologs, Uruks and Goblins they’ll come across.

This system forms the basis of the upcoming game’s two new TV spots, which sees two Uruks infiltrating their players’ real lives. In ‘Eat It Jerry,’ an Uruk follows around the titular Jerry in order to ensure that his life remains a living hell, destroying his car and his boat as retribution for being bested in Shadow of War. In ‘Not Today, Brian,’ a decidedly friendlier Orc makes sure that Brian comes to no harm throughout his life after was was previously rescued by him.

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According to Warner Bros. the trailers are intended to show how “nothing will be forgotten” in the Middle-earth sequel. “In Middle-earth: Shadow of War, players now have entirely new ways to experience the dynamic world, with more choices and opportunities than ever before due to addition of Orc Followers.,” the press release reads. “Whether spared, scarred, recruited or marked, every encounter will be remembered and help fuel the dynamics of society and conflict within Mordor, all brought to life through the innovative Nemesis System.”

Watch the two trailers below: