Forza 7 PC Downloads are a Disaster Right Now

With just under a week until the highly-anticipated launch of Forza 7, Microsoft has launched pre-downloads for the racing game. This allows you to download its whopping 67GB on Xbox One and the unparalleled 100GB on PC without much of a worry for time constraints.

The added 33GB for Forza 7 on PC is due to its 4K assets. The Xbox One version will get the option to download the 4K assets separately, presumably closer to the launch of the Xbox One X. As these are insanely huge download sizes, it is absolutely important to allow for gamers to download the game in time for next week’s release.

However, PC users are currently experiencing a breadth of issues when attempting to download the gigantic game right now. According to NeoGAF and VG247, downloading Forza 7 is simply a disaster.

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At random intervals, the download will just stop and force you to start all over. This may not seem like much, but when you start the download over, it starts completely over. This means that no matter where you were in your previous attempt, it begins from zero.

Forza 7

The Forza 7 Reddit is overflowing with users complaining about this terrible issue. There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind what is happening to the downloads. Some users note that the download stopped at a relatively low point like 15GB, while others downloaded more than 92GB of the 100GB game before having to start from scratch.

This issue is compounded by the fact that it is wasting unnecessary amounts of data that some gamers aren’t able to afford, due to slow Internet speeds or the dreaded monthly data caps.

There are minor fixes that you can attempt to try like restarting the Windows store or manually uninstalling all downloaded content regarding Forza 7, but there doesn’t seem to be a universal solution just yet. Microsoft has yet to comment or issue an update on the matter, but we will update you with a solution when given.