WWE 2K18 Trophies Feature Snickers and KFC Ads

WWE 2K18‘s trophies feature ads for Snickers and KFC, with players’ in-game accomplishments causing the advertisements to pop up.

The trophies ‘Made The Hard Way’ and ‘SNICKERS. Hunger to Win > Hunger’ both appear in the upcoming pro wrestling game, with them marked as “Ultra Rare” trophies. The latter also made an appearance in WWE 2K17, with it largely slipping under the radar, but 2K doubling down this year has seemingly garnered its advertising more negative attention.

The trophies can be viewed below:


2K previously implemented similar ads in WWE 2K15, with the ‘Redbox Big Moment’ trophy being awarded to players who put their opponent through the announcer’s table. A forum post on NeoGAF discussing the issue has also seen users pointing out other trophy advertisements dating all the way back to 2004’s Fight Night Round 4, in which players could earn the ‘Ecko Trunk Challenge’ trophy by beating Miguel Cotto.

However, with both KFC and Snickers not exactly being key elements of pro wrestling, their inclusion on its trophy list is understandably more questionable. With that being said, both KFC and Snickers have become a regular part of WWE programming in recent years, with the former even inspiring an elaborate ad in which former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler, dressed as The Colonel, beat up a chicken.  Those familiar with the WWE are therefore unlikely to be too surprised by these new trophies, even if their inclusion is certainly a little odd.