Assassin’s Creed Origins Season Pass Includes Roman, Undead Mummy DLC

While we already knew a Season Pass was coming for Assassin’s Creed Origins, we now know more concrete information on what sort of downloadable content will be added to the upcoming action-adventure Egyptian game. Ubisoft announced more details on the $40 Season Pass that’s also included free in the $99 Gold Edition.

Included in the Season Pass currently are four different DLC packs that will add to the content in Origins. Ubisoft has laid out the timeline for all of the content that has been announced thus far that will be added to the game in the future. The first, of which, will be added next month.

After Origins’ launch on October 27th, two small DLC packs will be added to the game in November. The first is the Roman Centurion pack that comes with a new outfit, weapon, shield and mount that all reflect a Roman theme. The second is the Horus pack that will give the same four items but with a more Egyptian feel.

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Beyond the addition of new items are the two major DLC packs that will add new, significant gameplay content to Origins. Coming at the start of next year in January 2018, The Hidden Ones acts as an epilogue of sorts to the main game’s storyline. It takes place several years after the end of Origins as Bayek fights Romans in a new area.


The other major DLC is The Curse of the Pharaohs, where Bayek will travel to a new mystical realm to find a way to defeat the curse that has brought famed Egyptian monsters and, yes, zombie Pharaohs to life. It will be released in March 2018. That isn’t all, though, as there is a breadth of free content that will be regularly released between now and then.

From the high level Trial of the Gods to daily quests and photo mode to the Horde Mode arena and the Discovery Tour museum, there will be a lot of content in Origins for everyone to enjoy without having to own the Season Pass.