Horizon Zero Dawn Injects Some Skyrim Into The Frozen Wilds DLC

When Horizon Zero Dawn arrived earlier this year in February, it came at just the tail-end of winter for some parts of the world. As we now move deeper and deeper into the fall – and subsequently winter – we also inch closer and closer to the release of Horizon’s first and only planned DLC expansion The Frozen Wilds.

Announced back in June at E3 2017, The Frozen Wilds takes Aloy from the familiar lands she visited in the main game to beyond the northern mountains. These wilds are a harsh, beautiful environment filled with new content meant to add to the base game.

Featuring a brand new story, area, and machines to defeat, The Frozen Wilds is exactly what it sounds like. The environments you will visit next month have been shown off in a new trailer just released. The video takes you through several different locales you can explore, including glimpses of new settlements with NPC’s to interact with.

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Everything about the new area bears a striking resemblance to another huge action RPG. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been released several times over the last few years – with more still on the way – and it is also known for its snowy-themed setting.

A quick glance at The Frozen Wilds trailer and you can see some stark similarities. The dead trees, snow-covered land, and huge looming peaks in the distance all are reminiscent of the 2011 Bethesda RPG. Even the short glimpse inside a frozen cave is similar to the many, many structures and dungeons you visit in Skyrim.

Though there is no telling if The Frozen Wilds was directly inspired by Skyrim, it is certain to be just as welcomed by many as the days become longer and colder. The winter-themed DLC expansion releases at just the right (if not coincidental) time next month on November 7th, only 10 days before Skyrim comes to Switch.