1 in 3 Horizon Zero Dawn PC players owned it on PS4, PlayTracker says

Stat-tracking website PlayTracker has some shocking news about the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn. According to its stats, one in three Horizon Zero Dawn PC players already owned the game on the PS4.

According to its stats, 35% of PC players — just over 1 in 3 — have already played the game on the PS4. This “double-dipping” occasionally happens with super-popular games, especially if it’s an upgrade somehow. For example, roughly 9% of Final Fantasy XV owners bought the game a second time on another platform.

What’s particularly impressive, however, is that only one other game exceeds this stat: Grand Theft Auto 5GTA 5 has a 37% “double-dip” rate, although that number may very well go up with the next-gen releases.

Why are so many people buying the game again? Well, it was genuinely one of the best PS4 games in recent memories and the PC port is no slouch when it comes to enhancing the graphics. It’s understandable that there are so many Horizon Zero Dawn PC players today, but the people playing it again are probably jumping in to experience the shiny new graphics.

One thing is certain: the stellar sales of this game should be a sign to Sony that it’s well worth porting its platform exclusives to PC. Hopefully, good sales stats like this will mean we’ll see other console exclusives like Marvel’s Spider-Man come to Steam.