Hulu Attempts to Attract Gamers and Millennials With Four Original Esports Shows

In the ever-growing online streaming market, interesting and original content is key to attracting more subscribers. Hulu is attempting to do so by appealing to the gaming community with its new line of shows. It has announced that it is working on four shows that will focus solely on esports.

According to Business Insider, this is in an effort to bring in more millennial subscribers. Reports show that around 79% of esports viewers are under the 35, so Hulu is tapping into that potential. In partnership with ESL, the four shows are designed to be varied for wide appeal.

The first of these is Player v. Player, a sort of debate segment where various personalities in the gaming industry debate a hot topic in esports back-and-forth. The next, Bootcamp, follows popular Counter-Strike: GO team The Immortals as they try to refill empty positions on their team and prepare for the upcoming IEM Oakland event next month.

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Defining Moments is basically a highlight reel of the best recent plays in esports. Each weekly episode will center on a certain theme with examples given like trick shots or insane reactions. Lastly, there’s ESL Replay, which seems to be more of a traditional esports show.


It will highlight an edited version of recent ESL tournaments just a week after happening with exclusive analysis and behind-the-scenes footage. All of these shows are in direct opposition to Netflix that currently dominates in terms of original content for streaming services.

Netflix has yet to dive too deep in the gaming realm, with only a few offerings like Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light available for streaming. Hulu’s Vice President of Content Acquisition, Lisa Holmes, stated:

We know our viewers, especially those watching Hulu on consoles, are hungry for this type of content – so we’re excited to offer it on Hulu for the first time.

All four esports shows are scheduled to premiere sometime later this fall exclusively on Hulu.