Overwatch Community is Up in Arms Over “Boring” Mercy’s Impact on the World Cup

The Overwatch community is appealing to Blizzard to alter Mercy ahead of the game’s upcoming World Cup tournament, saying that the healer is overpowered in her current state and that her impact on the meta is making the game “boring.”

The issue has stemmed from Mercy’s recent update, which saw the healer’s resurrection ability move from an ultimate into a standard ability, albeit with the caveat that Mercy could only revive one player at a time. However, many believe that this has made her far too overpowered, with most competitive games reportedly descending into a rush to eliminate her before she can resurrect her fallen teammates.

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In a post on the Overwatch competitive subreddit players have been debating the impact Mercy will have on the World Cup, suggesting that her current state will make the World Cup dull to watch and making it potentially off-putting for new viewers. User dm7g wrote the following list of reasons regarding why the patch is having a negative impact on the game’s meta:

  • Players who were picked for their incredible support play (RJH, chips, unkoe) have to play mercy because she is OP
  • Clutch plays such as widow headshots will be under whelming because of rez
  • There will be less flanking (something that brings a lot of suspense to the game) because rezzing flankers far from the team will be harder
  • 2 ulting mercys with constant rezzes and endless stalling is just terrible to watch.

    unlike Lucio when he was 95% pickrate, Mercy will be the center of EVERY FIGHT. It will all boil down to which mercy dies first. The casting will be centered around mercy, the hero selection, the strats,
  • EVERYTHING will be centered around killing the enemy mercy first.

    Before : Team A lucio died, Team B dps died = fight was still undecided

    Now : Team A Mercy died, Team B dps died = Team B wins fight.

It’s unclear if Blizzard plans to make changes to the game ahead of the World Cup, which is scheduled to take place on November 3rd – November 4th, but it seems unlikely that this will be the case in such a short amount of time. As it stands, it looks likely that the tournament will revolve around Mercy plays, so if that’s not your thing then you might have difficulty enjoying it as much as previous years.