Animal Crossing Mobile Game is Coming, But Where’s Animal Crossing Switch?

The Animal Crossing mobile game is set to be revealed this week, with Nintendo announcing that it will be the subject of an upcoming Animal Crossing Mobile Direct presentation. However, while fans are excited by the prospect of a new Animal Crossing game in any capacity, many are hoping that the Nintendo Direct will at least acknowledge that a Switch entry in the series is on its way.

The Direct will focus upon the as-yet-untitled mobile version of the popular Animal Crossing series, which was initially announced way back in April, 2016. Since then Nintendo has occupied the mobile space with popular games based upon Pokemon, Super Mario and the Fire Emblem series, with Animal Crossing set to be their next major app. While little information is known about the app at the time of this writing, Nintendo’s previous mobile games have each provided a unique spin on the established format of their respective franchises, from Pokemon GO‘s augmented reality Pokemon hunting through to Super Mario Run‘s infinite runner take on classic Mario Bros. gameplay.

While a mobile version of Animal Crossing is certainly interesting, it doesn’t really compare with the notion of a fully-fledged Animal Crossing game on the Nintendo Switch. Imagine being hassled by mortgage lender Tom Nook while on your morning commute, on the Switch’s crisp 720p touchscreen display? Or being conned out of money at Redd’s traveling art gallery while sitting on the toilet? That’s the future, right there.

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Nintendo announced the Animal Crossing Mobile Direct earlier today, with the presentation set to stream on October 24th at 11pm EST, or 12pm Japan time on October 25th. The company hasn’t specified whether or not there will be an English-language version of the event, though we can imagine that many English-speaking fans of the series (myself included) will be tuning in regardless.

What do you think of Animal Crossing Mobile? Do you wish Nintendo were revealing Animal Crossing Switch instead? Let us know in the comments section below.

Opinion: While I am thrilled that an Animal Crossing game is on the horizon, Animal Crossing for smartphones isn’t exactly the game I want to see. I spent a reasonable amount of time with Pokemon GO, but on the whole I have been underwhelmed by Nintendo’s mobile efforts, and would much rather that they were at work on a true Animal Crossing: New Leaf successor for the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully Nintendo will answer my prayers sooner rather than alter.