Here’s What’s Inside the Wolfenstein 2 Vault (UPDATE)

If you’ve played Wolfenstein 2, you’ll notice that there’s an option in the main menu that says “Vault Unlock.” Next to that menu selection is a timer that is counting down to 10 AM ET on November 7. What’s in the vault and what will happen when the countdown reaches zero on the Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus main menu? We speculate below.

What Happens When the Vault Unlock Timer Runs Out on the Wolfenstein 2 Menu?

Wolfenstein 2 Vault Unlock Countdown

The obvious answer for the countdown that the first Wolfenstein 2 DLC will release on November 7. According to Game Informer, Bethesda stated that was the case, at least in part. The Freedom Chronicles: Episode Zero will be the first post-release content for The New Colossus and sets the stage for the rest of the Freedom Chronicles DLC by introducing the three characters you’ll be playing as.

The DLC isn’t the only thing that’s dropping on November 7 though. Bethesda stated that there will be a few extra surprises in the vault when it unlocks. Wolfenstein: The New Order had some cool bonus modes that we haven’t seen yet in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, so the vault may hold some of these challenging and unique playstyles.

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Wolfenstein is all about running-and-gunning so it would be great to see the 999 Bonus Mode make its way back into the series. For those who aren’t familiar, in 999 mode you have infinite ammo and your health is set to 999. As you play through, your health gradually depletes, which makes each level a race for the finish. Furthermore, you’re not invincible, so you have to take down the enemy to progress still. It turns up the dial on the whole experience and makes even the most straightforward missions feel frantic.

We’ll know for sure what the Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus vault contains when it unlocks on November 7.

GameRevolution commenter Alex Fox pointed out that there is a countdown that matches up to the one on the main menu to the left of a large door that is labeled “Panzertür,” (Armored Door) on the eastern upper deck of the Eva’s Hammer submarine. Pasted to this door is a small cardboard sign that reads, “Curtis + Set’s Secret Vault.”

Wolfenstein 2 Submarine Vault Door

Perhaps the countdown will unlock some new narrative involving the Da’at Yichaud. There is an NPC named Curtis Everton that hangs around Set’s lab after the end of the game, but I don’t remember him playing any prominent role in the story. He acts a little strange, but seems like a nice enough fellow. It’ll be interesting to see what part he has to play when the timer reaches zero on November 7 at 10 AM ET.

Here’s What’s Inside the Vault in Wolfenstein 2: SAS Machine (UPDATE)

The vault has unlocked in Wolfenstein 2, and now we know what secrets were waiting inside. We already knew that The Freedom Chronicles: Episode Zero was set to release today, but there are a few more goodies as well.


Inside the vault, you’ll find quite a few readables laying about. The centerpiece though is a machine in the middle of the room behind the vault door. It’s called a SAS Machine and serves as a gateway to a Combat Simulator and the DLC. In the combat simulator, you’ll find ten remixes of levels you played through in the main story that you can fight through again. You accrue points this time around, and not all paths are the same as when you passed through the first time.

These ten levels are in the Wolfenstein 2 Combat Simulator:

  • Awakening
  • Under Siege
  • Ausmerzer Escape
  • The Signal
  • Area 52
  • Glocke Hangar
  • Courthouse
  • Revolution
  • Ausmerzer
  • Finale

Additionally, you can access The Freedom Chronicles: Episode Zero from the SAS Machine. Both the combat simulator and the DLC can also be started directly from the main menu without visiting the vault in Eva’s Hammer.