Detroit: Become Human Trailer at Paris Games Week 2017

Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dreams got a trailer at Paris Games Week 2017 focusing on some of the gameplay. It shows Kara, an android and the main playable character, and the choices she has to make as a caretaker of a young child with an abusive father.

The trailer itself features Kara, an android who was apparently built to complete household chores and take care of children, being returned to her owner’s home after being sent to the factory for repairs. She’s had her memories erased, but in the footage, we learn that the reason she was sent for repair in the first place was that her abusive owner Todd damaged her.

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Todd’s young daughter Alice is also frequently the target of his attacks, and during the part of the game we got to see at PGW 2017 preventing Todd from killing Alice or Kara is the primary objective. It looks like some pretty heady material, and domestic violence is a territory gaming is just now starting to comment upon. How this fits into the overall story of android rebellion in Detroit: Become Human is unknown, but Kara’s experience with Todd and Alice will likely open her eyes to humanity’s flaws.

It looks fascinating since as an android Kara has to obey orders given to her by her master. It seems like part of the game will concern finding ways to circumvent and eventually break those commands. As you can see in the branching choices above, there’s a lot of different ways to accomplish, or fail this section of the game, and it seems like “Becoming Deviant” might be the term used for androids that disobey orders.

Detroit: Become Human is set to come out sometime in 2018 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.