Bungie’s Response to Destiny 2’s DDOS Attacks Has Angered its Community

Bungie’s response to cheaters plaguing Destiny 2 with DDOS attacks has angered the game’s community, with the relatively light punishments reportedly being handed out to those playing unfairly in the Trials of the Nine raising the ire of its players.

Destiny‘s PvP suffered from similar issues in the original game, with its Trials of Osiris competitive mode being the target of cheaters using DDOS attacks to cause opponents to lag out of their matches, thus granting them an automatic victory. Destiny 2‘s DDOS attacks have seen cheaters taking advantage of its lack of dedicated servers, making use of its peer-to-peer connecting by finding out their rivals’ IP addresses and flooding their connection with packets of useless data, forcing them to be booted off the game.

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While this would be irritating in and of itself, many players are reporting that those who embark upon these DDOS attacks aren’t being punished enough by Bungie. On the Destiny 2 Reddit page, one of the top posts calls Bungie’s response to DDOS attacks “completely unacceptable.”

Read the post below:

“By giving DDOSers a temporary ban and letting them keep the rewards to boot, you are tacitly allowing people to DDOS others. They know your official stance is that they won’t be banned, not even the second time they do it.

Not only should you not allow cheating, which is honestly odd that we have to tell you that in the first place, but DDOSing is illegal is most western countries. You should seek to sue the people involved in it.

Any stance other than ‘We do not allow DDOS strategies in our game’ is completely unacceptable.

A ban of two weeks is not enough. You ‘banned’ every player for two weeks because of one of your own mistakes. You therefor admit it is an extremely lenient punishment.

Start getting into action.”

The issue Bungie likely faces when it comes to distributing bans to players is that it’s difficult to narrow down which member of a team is conducting the DDOS attacks. If you’re on a team with someone who is cheating, and a rival player reports said cheating, Bungie would need to have access to information outside of the game in order to determine who was responsible.

As outlined in Destiny 2‘s policies page, Bungie doesn’t allow for disputes when it comes to permanent bans, so if a player was wrongly banned from the game because of the actions of their teammates, they would be unable to overturn that ban. This lands Bungie in a tricky situation, with them having to navigate between preventing cheaters from playing the game, while also ensuring that innocent players aren’t caught in their crosshairs. Regardless, it still makes Trials of the Nine a frustrating experience for those on the receiving end of such attacks, and hopefully Bungie is looking into figuring out a system to deal with these cheaters.